About me

I am a qualified psychologist, certified Cognitive Behavioural Coach (CBC) and Masters in NLP.  I possess a unique blend of empathy, guidance techniques and practical experience. Through supporting you in your personal or business challenges, I will coach you to deal with them effectively.

I have been a sports coach since 1997 and have realized that the methods used with athletes can also be applied to other aspects of life. A sports coach makes athletes believe in themselves, boosts their self esteem, develops a better performance in each individual, and sets goals to create a winning team. Through this experience I got my Masters as a NLP Sports Practitioner, Life and Business Coach.

My qualifications and training in Psychology, NLP and CBC sport and education have led me to believe that effective coaching needs a holistic approach which takes into account the whole person and their life.

My experience in schools, both helping children and teenagers to develop their fullest potential and advising parents on strategies to optimize this potential, is invaluable when preparing you to become your own coach.

Successful coaching helps people to understand themselves better by encouraging them to find different strategies to solve their problems. It also uses the Socratic method of enquiry to draw out and clarify what is worrying them or blocking their development. And, finally, it identifies ways forward by removing these blocks to enable the client to become a successful and confident performer in all areas of life!

Life, Business and Performance Coaching